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Metro Link – Substation 10 Wire Rehabilitation Project

Work is nearly complete for the Metro Substation 10 Wire Rehabilitation Project. ?Schaeffer and Collins & Hermann safely and successfully installed approximately 5000′ of 4″ FRE and 7000′ of 750 MCM cable up the steep slope from the substation to the tracks for the Metrolink project.

Metro Link – Light Rail Expansion Fiber Network

Schaeffer Electric performed all the low voltage work along seven miles of new track with ten new stations. ?Work in the stations included electrical work supporting the low voltage systems. Wiring and device hookups were performed for the following systems: SCADA, voice, data, fire alarm, CCTV, radio antennas, and ticketing just to name a few. All the fiber optic cables were brought into each station spliced and connectorized. Active fiber splice cases were accessed with the new stations being spliced in on two hour time frames.